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Maintaining Rental Properties

Posted by sonrise on August 1, 2014
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Maintaining Rental Properties can be difficult depending on the property and owner’s experience. Whether the property is an apartment building, a duplex or a house; maintenance is a large part of the property owner’s responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if its something as simple as mowing the lawn, or something as complex as repairing plumbing leaks and electrical issues. Maintaining the property in superior condition lies on the owner’s shoulders. Having a company that knows how to help is essential.

Maintaining  rental properties isn’t easy:

Even if the property has been developed specifically for rentals, or the building is brand new.  Making sure all the appliances work, taking care of landscape maintenance, and even mundane tasks, such as clean hallways and dumpster areas can overwhelm even the most dedicated of owners. This is especially true if he or she owns more than one property. This is where having a service that knows how to take care of all tasks, from mundane to complex, comes into play.

Granted, a property owner can be truly diligent about hiring managers who are ready and willing to help residents out. An owner can spend the time and make the effort to ensure problems are taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. However, if an owner has multiple properties or plans to purchase multiple properties, regardless of the type (apartments, duplexes or residential homes), that desire to take care of everything by yourself may simply be out of the realm of possibilities. That’s why services that understand those needs exists.

Property management responsibilities extend far beyond collecting rent checks and making sure residents don’t damage units; far beyond that. Yard maintenance, pool maintenance, gym maintenance and even social area maintenance all come into play. Unless an owner plans to spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for in-house employees, all of that maintenance is left to what? Happenstance?

No. With a great maintenance service designed to take care of all aspects of rental ownership, whether it be mowing a grassy area or replacing a hot water heater, property management doesn’t have to be out of control. That’s why having a service with the skills and the knowledge needed is so important for financial success.

While property management is only one aspect of an owner’s duties, it can be one of the most important. Keeping good renters in units and making sure properties are attractive enough to usher in new renters is also a duty of property management. Unless property management can continue to attract new renters, an investment in rental properties can be an exercise in futility. When property management [whether it be an owner or even a hired hand] understands how much impact up-to-the-moment maintenance has, the success level of a property goes up.

If you’re an owner or are looking to be an owner of a rental property, keep in mind that property management and maintenance are the keys for success. Good property management means good maintenance and good maintenance means happy (and paying!) renters. If an owner wants to reach for the success that owning rental properties promises, solid property management and a superior maintenance service are the keys that unlocks the door.

We are professional property managers that take the worry and problems out of managing your property.  For a free consultation just call or send us a message.  (360) 738-3700

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