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What are Full-Service Condo Property Management Services?

Posted by sonrise on July 17, 2015
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Condos, or condominiums to give them their full name, aren’t that different from apartments except that they are individually owned by the families that live in them. Converting apartment buildings or residential houses into condos is simply a legal matter. Where the apartments or residential houses are offered for rent to different tenants while their developers retain ownership, condos are sold in different units of the same apartment/housing unit to individual owners.

As the whole community of condos needs to be managed as a unit, the owners of the condos can engage a condo property management team to handle the tasks. The level of services provided by condo property management can range from limited to full service and depends on the needs of the owners.

Full-Service Condo Property Management Services

The services one can expect to be offered by a full-service condo property management company will typically include:

An in-depth knowledge of law relating to condos
Preventive systems and maintenance programs
Emergency procedures
Financial services
Combined purchasing power and ideal vendor pricing
Property management software solutions
Staff training and development
Enforcement of all building codes
Contractor and vendor oversight
Control over inventory and purchase order programs
Requisite job descriptions of all members of staff
Front desk services/Customer care services
Management procedures for vendors and visitors

Condo owners need cost-effective and often full-service solutions whose services are tailored to add value to the housing units while enhancing the general lifestyles of residents. Since the services above are most often provided by the condo property management company’s own staff, they are then better able to control the quality of the work, as well as coordinate the services provided.

Partnering with a committed and well-staffed condo property management team means the community board or residents’ association will deal directly with the management team in order to take care of the needs of the community.

Sound maintenance programs carried out by the condo property management company will enhance the property’s general appeal, maximize property values, contain operational costs and extend the life of condo owners’ property assets.

With economies of scale resulting from combined buying power, owners are assured of the best negotiated rates from service suppliers such as window and gutter cleaning, landscaping, and roof repair. In addition, the condo property management company can refer to their network of residential certified vendors, who are qualified in strict criteria for value, service, and quality.

These vendor services include but are not limited to;

Miscellaneous office services
Repair and maintenance
Doors plus windows installation
Siding and aluminum cladding
Lawn maintenance
Pest and weed control
Gardening services
Deck sealing and cleaning
Painting and drywall repairs, etc.

Condo owners may also need a property management company that offers additional “value-added” services. These should include unique insurance and financial products, top-notch tech solutions, proprietary engineering services with significant savings in overall costs, plus a round-the-clock dedicated customer care center for fast and precise answers to residents’ questions.

Full-service condo property management services help keep the condominiums in a good state of repair while maintaining all facilities on behalf of the owners. A company providing full-service condo property management services will sometimes have a permanent presence in the condominium such as a staff member, equipment and/or an office.

Son-Rise Property Management is a full service property management company located in Bellingham, WA. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect home to rent or manage your property.

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