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Condo Association Board of Directors Responsibilities

Posted by sonrise on September 19, 2014
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The board of directors in a condo association works in the same manner as a typical government setup. Just like in any board of directors, the board members should be elected by the condo owners and tasked with the responsibility of managing their condominium property and running the condo association as a whole. This can be done by the board either directly or by hiring skilled and specialized managers. Since this is the case, the members of the condo association have to rely on the board of directors to resolve any community issues that might arise. These issues can range from unruly residents to damages on buildings.

Condo Association Board of Directors Responsibilities

Covenants and rules

Once the board of directors has been instituted by the condo association, their first priority is to carry out all its duties in accordance with the governing documents of the condo association and state laws. These details can be sought for from the condo lawyers’ website. The directors in this case are also responsible for the enforcement of any covenants if there are.

They also have to enforce rules for residents and make sure that these is done fairly and in a uniform manner. The directors also have to obey the same rules that they set. This responsibility requires that the directors ought to review complaints lodged, decide if there are any covenants that have been breached and impose fines on the members of the condo association who would have broken the rules of engagement. If it’s necessary that the rules are revised, it’s the board’s responsibility to do so.


The members of the condo association have to handle repairs of their own units. However, it’s the responsibility of the board if there are any problems that are in common areas. Elements such as building exterior, hallways and amenities like tennis courts and pools have to be taken care of by the board of directors.  The board has to arrange for regular maintenance and inspection and find out if there are any multiple repairs that are needed.

Other than that, the directors in the condo association have to set priorities for which problems have to be solved. There are even instances where the board can put projects out there for people to bid on. In this case, the board will have to review all the bids and pick out the one that is most appealing. In most instances, associations hire managers who can deal with such issues. The legal responsibility at the end of the day rests with the board.


It is also up to the board to handle the condo association finance issues. Every member of the condo association has to pay a fee that funds the different functions of the association. This includes administration and repairs. In this case, it is the job of the director to review the yearly budgets and then set annual fees that are used to pay for services while also maintaining reserves for emergencies. Depending on the rules of engagement, the directors ought to take action against condo association members who do not pay as required of them.

Therefore, being a member of a condo association actually means more than meets the eye. The board of directors, however, carries the major load. Just like in any government setting, they have to make sure that condos are in the right state at all times. They also need to maintain the condos common areas for better resale values of aesthetics. If you don’t understand how a condo association works, you might have to work with condo lawyers who can guide you through the process.

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