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Co-Signer Application Online

Thank you for your application to co-sign on a rental with Son-Rise Property Management.  Please take a moment to read the instructions below that will aid in the timely processing of your application.  Please also take a moment to review our admittance policy on the following page.  You will need to fill out the application fully and completely with your information, just as if you yourself were applying for the rental.

1. Employment/Income Verification

  • Income must be three times the amount of rent (may be combined income in the case of spouses).  Please provide copies of your two most recent pay stubs, the first page of last year’s tax return, or last year’s W-2 form.

2. Credit Check

  • Please review our admittance policy (following page) for specific credit requirements.

Please fill out your application truthfully.  If a question does not apply to you, please note N/A (not applicable). Payment, and ALL supplemental documentation (see above) is required to be submitted with your application in order to hold the unit for you. Incomplete applications will not be accepted There is a non-refundable fee of $25.00 per co-signer application, payable in exact change cash, credit/debit, cashier’s check, or money order only.  Personal checks will not be accepted for co-signer application fees.

Son-Rise Property Management

Resident Admittance Policy

To provide a standardized guideline for admitting residents to properties managed by Son-Rise Property
Management to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and equally; to eliminate the possibility of
discrimination in rental decisions; to ensure that only responsible tenants, who will pay the rent on time and maintain
the rental property, are admitted to Son-Rise Property Management properties. The screening company we utilize is:
Acranet – 521 W. Maxwell; Spokane, WA 998201. Toll Free: (800) 304-1249

Each application’s screening report shall be reviewed for two types of adverse information: NEGATIVES and
TERMINALS. If three or more negative items are found in a report, with no extenuating circumstances, the applicant
shall be denied. If any one terminal item is found, with no extenuating circumstances, the applicant shall be denied.


  • Any credit account that has more than two 30-day late payments in the last three years.
  • Any credit account that has more than one 60-day late payment in the last three years.
  • Any credit account that has one or more 90-day late payments in the last three years.
  • Any credit account that is currently rated more than 30 days late.
  • Any credit account that is rated as having gone to collections.
  • Any account placed in collection. Each collection account counts as 1 negative.
  • Any landlord reference that includes late rent payments.  Each late payment counts as 1 negative.
  • Any instance of proper Intent To Vacate notice not being given to a landlord.
  • Any instance of a lease being broken by the applicant.
  • Any instance of unauthorized pets or persons occupying a unit rented to the applicant.
  • Any employment situation that is temporary or seasonal in nature.
  • Any bank reference that shows more than one NSF check in the previous 12 months.
  • Less than 2 years of verifiable work history/income.


  • Any OPEN bankruptcy (a bankruptcy to which new claims may still be added).
  • In a group application any 1 applicant denied is a denial of all applicants.
  • Any collection filed by a property management company.
  • Any judgment, lien or garnishment.
  • Any eviction or unlawful detainer action.
  • Any current 3-day Notice to Pay or Vacate.
  • Any income level (or combined income level in the case of roommates) that is less than 2.5 times the amount of rent of the unit applied for.
  • Any felony or misdemeanor conviction in the last 7 years.
  • Any applicant who is a registered sex offender.
  • Any employment reference that states the applicant will be terminated in the near future, where other potential income is less than 3 times the amount of rent of the unit applied for.
  • Any gross distortion of the truth by the applicant on the written application.Any applicant lacking a minimum of two years’ rental history.

In some cases, the property manager may feel that an applicant who does not qualify under this policy might still
be an acceptable risk due to extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances might include but are not limited to:
severe medical problems, recent death of a spouse, a temporary period of unemployment in the past, negative
rental references confined to a single landlord, etc. In these situations, the manager may request a review of the
application by their immediate supervisor who may, at their discretion, approve or decline the applicant, or request a
co-signer for further consideration.

No applicant will be denied residency on the basis of his/her race, sex, religion, marital status, or age.

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