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5 Apartment Management Tasks to Handle Before the Holidays

Posted by sonrise on December 18, 2019
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Apartment management companies must be available for both tenants and property owners. With property management having no shortage of renters to manage, reports to produce and emergencies to take care of, taking time off for the holidays can be challenging. However, with some planning a property management company can give their employees some time off for the holidays without inconveniencing property owners or renters. Here are five tasks to finish before leaving for the holidays.

Five Tasks for Apartment Management to Finish Before the Holidays

  1. Make people aware of holiday hours: awareness goes a long way in keeping those you serve happy. By communicating holiday office hours, property management will keep renters and owners well informed about availability and what to expect. These reminders can be sent out via email, website updates, a social media message, under Google’s business listings, on the office door, or simply posted around the property. It’s not a one choice solution and several or all of the above options can be used to keep people informed.
  2. Make sure payments are current: when apartment management is away for the holidays during a pay period there are methods to make sure payments are still made promptly to vendors, contractors and property owners. The use of cloud-based management software allows for easy access wherever there is internet access and payments can be made with a click or tap. Other methods include having someone else make the payments or simply making payments in advance before leaving for the holiday.
  3. Be accessible in case of an emergency: random emergencies like a hot water tank leaking don’t take holidays off so there needs to be emergency contact information in case such situations occur. An out of office email or voicemail message on an office number can instruct callers who to reach out to in case of emergency. There is also the option to leave a cell phone number for emergency calls only. Also, anyone covering during the holidays needs to be informed of proper responses and outside contacts for specific emergencies.
  4. Engage with tenants and owners: apartment management is based on personal interaction and the building of trust between apartment management, renters, and owners. Something as simple as holiday greeting cards or small gifts to show gratitude helps strengthen management’s reputation as a good company in the local community. Sponsored parties and local events can also show tenants they are appreciated and win over new potential clients.
  5. Send out a safety checklist: finally, apartment management should not forget their tenants during the holiday season. During major holidays there is an increase in the theft of property, mail theft, and other petty crimes. Sending out safety checklists can protect renters from common holiday season hazards such as slip and fall accidents, property theft, and other seasonal concerns.

As the above list shows, being in apartment management doesn’t mean that vacations have to be skipped. With property preparation and transparency to all involved parties, management can easily take time off without sacrificing the high-quality service that people have come to expect.

Son-Rise Property Management has been serving the property management needs of Bellingham and Whatcom County since 1996. Contact us today to see how we can help you find a rental property for your family or manage your rental properties.

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