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15 Tips to Organize your Small Apartment

Posted by sonrise on December 10, 2013
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So you have found a place to live but its small; you need help to organize your small apartment. There are some tips and tricks that can be used to make your space attractive and functional. Start by clearing out unnecessary clutter by creating piles to throw away, sell, give away or donate. Once that is done, assess your space needs/wants and keep an open mind about the actual furniture, corners, walls and closets that you have.

15 Tips to Organize your Small Apartment

1. Use walls to create more rooms. Painting an accent wall can add style to your rooms but color can also be used to divide a room into an extra space such as a defined living room and sleeping area.

2. Hang your TV on the wall. We are so lucky to have flat TVs today so take advantage of it and hang yours on the wall. Put a functional TV stand or table underneath to store books, movie players, etc.

3. Countertops on wheels. A wheeled kitchen cart can be used as cooking space in the kitchen or a convenient workspace in your living area. Plus it has storage space on the bottom shelf!

4. Install Shelves. Traditional bookshelves are great if you have the wall space but you can also purchase shelving from hardware stores or IKEA and install them on the walls. Look at areas above your bed, above the toilet or in closets.

5. Tall is good. Vertical lines create the illusion of more space but they are also practical. Buy shelving units that reach the ceiling and you will have more storage. Just don’t forget an inexpensive folding footstool so you can reach the top shelf!

6. Lift the Bed. You need the storage space under your bed so if it isn’t high enough to store bins then purchase a bed lift to get it there.

7. Clothes by Season. Keep a set of fall/winter clothes and a set of spring/summer clothes and rotate them depending on the time of year so your closets and dresser aren’t crowded.

8. Angle Furniture. Angle furniture like chairs or a dresser in a corner and use the space behind it for extra storage.

9. Use Furniture Strategically. Furniture can be functional in so many ways. Don’t forget you can position furniture in a room to divide a room into two living spaces.

10. Think multi-purpose. Your bed could be a day-bed that doubles as a couch. Your dining room table could be used as desk when you’re not eating.

11. Look for hidden storage space. Use corners, under your bed and closets but you can also add a skirt around your coffee table to store items.

12. Turn a closet into an extra room. You can make a mini office by installing a couple of storage shelves on the walls and inserting a small desk. Remove the doors to make extra room. You could also create a small laundry room. Keep the space clutter free.

13. Get an apartment sized sofa. Yes, they sell them! They are sized between a love seat and a full-size couch.

14. Furniture alternatives. Think outside the box. Instead of one big coffee table that takes up a lot of space, you could have small end tables or wooden pedestals that can be moved around easily but still provide needed table tops.

15. Be creative. Have lots of stacks of books but not enough shelves? Take a stack, tie them together with a thick string or old belt and you’ve got a make-shift night stand!

Depending on the space you have, your personal needs and your budget, there are so many things you can do to organize your small apartment. Once it’s done you will forget about your limited space and want to spend all your time at home!

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